Our Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality

At Malatest, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of competence, integrity, and transparency in conducting, analyzing and reporting research. At its core, this includes a commitment to the protection of your privacy through responsible personal information management practices.

This means that:

  • The personal information you provide (such as your name, address, date of birth) in response to our data collection is protected under the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as other privacy legislation applicable to your provincial/territorial jurisdiction.
  • We only use collected information to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected or for a use consistent with that purpose.
  • We do not disclose your information without your permission. We will not share your information with other third parties, including any public bodies, corporate entities, or individuals except as authorized by law or as directed by you. We will not sell, your information to any type of mailing list. Only authorized staff members (including the University of Calgary) will ever have access to your information.
  • We retain personal information only as long as necessary to fulfill research or as required by law. We have established protocols for the destruction of personal information that conform with the provincial/territorial, and federal legal requirements, as well as the contracts with our clients.

University of Calgary

A full description of Malatest's privacy policy is available here.

A formal Letter of Consent, approved by UCalgary's Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board, is available here. This letter includes:

  • The purpose of the study
  • What you will be asked to do
  • What type of personal information will be collected
  • The risks and benefits of participating
  • What happens to the information you provide
  • What it means if you consent to participate
  • Who to contact if you have any questions or concerns

Ethics Review and Approval

The Young Adult Development Study has been reviewed by, and has received approval from, UCalgary's Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (certificate: REB22-0294).

Any Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about anything you've read on this website, please contact us at youthshapingfutures@malatest.com and someone will get back to you about your query.

Further information about the study, including some frequently asked questions, can be found on the Further info tab.

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