This five year study is about how Canadian youth transition into adulthood.

To qualify to participate in this study, you must be:

  • Leaving a Canadian high school in 2023;
  • 17 or 18 years old; and
  • Willing to do a survey once a year for the next five years.

Year 1 of this project is now closed. Further information coming soon!

University of Calgary

Informed Consent

It is very important that everyone who agrees to participate understands what they are agreeing to and that they can always change their mind about participating. When you click on link to register, and before you are asked to share any personal information, you will be provided with the following information:

  • Your participation in this study is voluntary. You do not have to do the survey if you do not want to, even if you registered.
  • Once registered, you have the right to stop participating in the study at any time and for any reason, with no negative impacts on you.
  • Once registered, you will be asked to complete a survey once a year for five years.
  • During the year you will receive up to two (2) emails from the researchers with information about the study.
  • No one other than the people running the project (University of Calgary and Malatest) will have access to the information you contribute to the study.
  • All of the information you provide will remain confidential and protected under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • The information you provide in the registration survey will be linked (attached) to the information you provide in subsequent surveys and will be used for analysis purposes only.

We will ask you every year, before you complete the annual survey, to re-agree to these points. If, in subsequent years, you have changed your mind about continuing to participate you can opt out. Your agreement in one year does not lock you into anything you don't want to do in future years.

A more detailed Letter of Consent is available here. Please download a copy of this letter and keep it for your reference.

Further Information

For more information about how the information your provide will be protected, please see the Privacy tab.

For further information about the study, including some Frequently Asked Questions, please go to the Further info tab.

For further information about incentive eligibility, please click here.