Year 1 (2023)

This study launched in April 2023 and so is just starting.

In this first year of the study, we are:

  • Recruiting 5,000, 17 and 18 year old Canadians, who are leaving a Canadian high school in 2023;
  • Inviting eligible participants to complete the registration form; and
  • Running the Year 1 survey.

We are only recruiting participants in Year if you want to participate, you need to register soon!

In each of the subsequent study years (Years 2, 3, 4 and 5), participants who registered in Year 1 (2023) will be invited to complete a survey. We will provide annual updates on this page: we'll present some of the survey findings (in aggregate) so that you can see the results of your participation.

Don't worry! We will never present your feedback in a way that could identify you. We group everyone's feedback together, and make sure it is completely anonymous (de-identified), before we report it. Our Privacy page provides more detailed information about our Privacy and Confidentiality policies.

University of Calgary

University of Calgary